Design & Build

Artsy, bold and yet practical; green and sustainable applied principles are some of the mainstay beliefs being inculcated in our Design Department. Maximizing functional usage of an outdoor space with customized greenery is pivotal in today’s designs. To imbue seamless synergy between design and landscape construction is of utmost importance as both take place concurrently throughout the length of a project.

With a dynamic pool of talented landscape architects and designers in tow, meticulously crafted ideas begin from abstract conceptualisation, which in turn develop into quick-witted design intents for onward appraisals and towards eventual phasing of project implementation-Perspective Drawings, 3D Drawings, Shop Drawings, As-built Drawings et cetera

After the Design Stage, in-house project coordination commences between our closely knitted Design and Project Team, ensuring efficient and timely completion in the planned processes for the landscape installations.

Currently, completed D & B projects are from different domains such as parks, schools and commercial entities.

Landscape Consultancy

With amassed myriad experiences of Design & Build showcases, our knowledge-based capability is immensely boosted to render professional consultancy and pair up clients’ development of contract requirements and technical clearances in tendering exercises.

Our consulting services arm complement and guide contract owners/developers in providence of technical trade-related advices to accomplish their green projects, benchmarking towards a sustainable built environment for a better tomorrow.

Project Implementation

To achieve optimal workmanship in all forms of landscape architectural works, it is not made possible without an experienced and highly-skilled team of workers, project supervisors, project managers and specialists.

Our completed and on-going projects include but not limited to: Project Management, Design and Build, Irrigation System, Bio-pond Filtration System, Water Feature and Rockscape Works, Vertical Greenwalls and Spaces, Extensive Green Roof Systems, tree works and specialist plant centre’s services.

With regular recognitions from reputable builders and owners in the region, our project teams’ dedications is humbled and enhanced at the same time, extending our expertise and knowledge boundaries to future projects. Robust cohesion in our project realms shall overcome any challenges to exceed every client’s expectations.

Landscape Maintenance

Plant Health Care (PHC) programs are integral to a well-maintained landscape to provide the maximum benefits of greenery besides aesthetical appreciation and having therapeutic effects.

Upholding best cultural practices in landscaping maintenance requires tireless training and a positive mindset to follow diligently on the standard procedures in place. Adopting and applying appropriate gardening know-how techniques revolve around these basics to achieve an intrigued garden settings for many years of enjoyment.

Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping are one of the many components to be enforced in our maintenance regime. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques where appropriate, are essential to maintain the softscape vibrancy and mitigate vulnerability of nature in check.

Horticultural and scientific-based advices from our in-house qualified professionals are readily available to address queries by owners/architects/engineers.

Arboriculture Work

A dedicated and esteemed group of Certified Arborists (commonly referred as ‘Tree Surgeons’) is able to provide our clients with the best cost-effective and fuss – free solutions to plant / relocate / preserve trees for them to continue to thrive in optimal growth conditions.

Professional advice and recommendations for tree-related works including evaluation/assessment of tree risks, analysing estimated retention values and social benefits. Proposals of various pruning techniques and removals are also available.

Horticulture Work

Our local pre-grow nursery is located on the western part of Singapore, off Lorong Semangka. It boosts a total area of 2 hectares of open space. At the nursery, we are well-equipped with a fleet of machineries such as lorry cranes, boom lift, scissors lift, skid steer loaders, excavators, dumpers and fork lift to handle our daily operational needs.

Soil mixing / packing and distribution works are carried out in a sheltered warehouse within the holding nursery, with other miscellaneous related works such as carpentry and metal works also taking place.

A team of well-trained nurserymen and skilled workers are able to help with the various activities, including watering, propagation and establishments of plants. For pre-grow projects, they will also plan and synchronise pre-growing procedures, schedule programs such as timed fertilization, nurse, acclimatize and encourage optimal robust growth habits of groundcovers/shrubs/trees/palms to match/exceed contractual requirements for project teams to arrange subsequent delivery and planting at project sites.

Based on scientific knowledge & accumulated landscaping experiences, we strive to cultivate the best practise starting from our horticultural/nursery preparation. With this holistic approach, we shall further pledge our persistent work commitment to serve every customer.

Environmental Conservation Work

Salvaging / preservation of tree logs for recycling and educational uses, including converting used inert materials as parts for furniture pieces are some of our relentless efforts for a social responsibility in supporting environmental sustainability & conservation.

Promote retaining existing native flora at some of our project sites to minimize blemishing of the biodiversity balance is also part of our environmental awareness, whereby survival of associated native fauna can ultimately be encouraged too.

Global Procurement

The company specializes in global sourcing of a wide array of landscaping plants and materials.

With a vast and extensive network spanning across every continent, our sole mission is to be able to procure the best quality plant specimens & hardscape products, and also portray Consultant’s / Client’s design intent to our best ability.

To date, we have successfully brought in a range of different genera, sculptural shapes and sizes, including exotic, ornamental, multi- branched, specimen-sized feature trees and palms from the Tropical and Mediterranean belts.

The largest procured tree is a Baobab (Adansonia digitata), and is currently a sheer centrepiece at our nursery.

It weighs at an astonishing 13 tons (13,000kgs), with an impressive trunk circumference of 3550mm, and has a majestic root ball size of 3200mm across.

Overseas procurement of large-sized exotic trees and palms (10m overall height and above) could be strategically acquired and shipped to our local nursery without much fuss, via our proven handling experiences.